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Dog Training Tips

Dogs are brilliant and extra-ordinary pets in so many ways. Many pet lovers get their dogs when they are still young and just spare time to train them slowly. This is just to let them behave as what their owner wished for. Training your dog needs a lot of time, effort and patience which is something that is a bit difficult for some people.  There are several dog training methods you need to do and the most common one is repetition. You are required to repeat a certain kind of action for a couple of time to reinforce your dog.  This is also essential to assure that they will respond correctly to your commands.

It may take you about hundreds of repetition before you can truly have a well trained dog who will respond to what you want. This would depend on the time you are going to put in dog training as well as your dog’s breed. There are some instances that dogs learn fast than other. In spite of some dog variations, here are the most effective and simple dog training tips you need to follow:

Listening To Your Dog

Always spare time to listen to your dog and monitor how they are responding to people and even to other animals. If you observed that they are uncomfortable with them, don’t force your dogs to greet and get in touch with other people. This might just allow them to be very aggressive to other people.

Being Generous With Your Praise

When you are training your dog, it is very essential to pay attention to some of their emotional aspect. For instance, when your pet dog commits mistakes, do not be so quick in punishing them especially if you don’t apply the same reaction when you did something right. If your dog performs the right action, always be generous in praising and commending them for what they’ve done.

Telling Them What You Wanted Them to Do

It is essential that you have the control to your dog. You need to be responsible in instructing them. It is not wrong to say yes or no if necessary. You need to be precise with all the command you are going to let them do especially if they are just starting with the training.

Being Consistent

Have similar instructions across your family.  Let your family be involved in training your dog to assure that the same instruction will be given. This is just to prevent contradicting ideas that will create confusion to your dog. For instance, if your dog is sitting on the couch and one family member says “off” and the other one says “down”, they will never learn on how to respond and behave to such command. This is the reason why you need to be very consistent in all your instructions at all times.

Part of dog training tips is to train a dog while they are still young. This is just to assure that they can still behave and respond on what you wish them to do. As early as now, spare time and effort to train your dog to assure that you can have the best dog that you can enjoy for long period of time.