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How Running with Your Dog can Improve Fitness

Running is a healthy way for your dog to get the best benefits and exercises beyond losing extra pounds. Like humans, dogs are built for running and being more athletic.  This is due to the fact that there are some breeds of dogs that are inclined to running activities for long distances.  Despite of what breed of your dog is it is an essential and healthy way for you to run with them.

Physical Benefits

While walking activity is a healthy exercise, most of the dogs need an opportunity to have running activities to burn off their energy. Running makes use of different muscles than walking and it increases your dog’s heart rate. This is known as cardiovascular exercise that helps in increasing dog’s heart strength and extending their life.  Apart from that, all the muscles and bones of the dog are exercised and moved when running hence no matter how far or short the running distance is, you are assured that fitness of your dog will always be given the best attention. Most of the dog owners also noticed that their dogs are less destructive when they are allowed to have some regular running activities.

Mental Benefits

Along with the huge numbers of physical fitness that running offers to your dog, this activity also gives them mental benefits. Regular running activity has been shown to reduce the risks of dog’s mental disorders and that includes depression and anxiety. Allowing your dog to run can also reduce their stress as movement is considered to be the fastest method in relieving such stress.  All the negative feelings and emotions of your dog will be eliminated as you allow them to run with you.

Social Benefits

Running with your dog will not only improve your fitness but also their social skills. Running activities may develop their social bond not only with their owner but also to the people and all other animal species they may meet along their running activity. This can be manifested as they become socially active in dealing with humans and other animals.  Becoming socially active can also improve your dog’s overall fitness as it paves way for socially intelligent dogs who knows how to deal and interact with others.

Perfect Match

Dog is considered to be a perfect running partner. People who are running with their dog are seen to be consistent with their workout and exercise routine. Your dog will be looking forward to your regular running scheme and as dog owner you will find it difficult to resist to their wagging tail and big eyes. Runners who are also running with their dogs find out that their dog helps them to focus less on their burned calories and running time instead switch their attention to enjoy the workout. Running with your dog is also essential in motivating you and your dog towards improve mental and physical health.

Running activity is a mutually beneficial routine that can serve as your great bonding experience. As early as now, you need to spare time and effort to run with your dog for an improved fitness that you’ve always wanted to achieve.